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About African Diaspora Press

A new voice on the Africana publishing scene, African Diaspora Press is a scholarly imprint specializing in bibliographies about expressive culture of Africa and the African diaspora. Aimed primarily at the library market its works are meant to provide the scholarly community—librarians, researchers, students and others—with state-of-the-art reference tools that help bridge the print world of the past and the digital world of the present and future.

In an era in which most reference publishers have abandoned bibliography as a subject ADP has made it its core mission to provide comprehensive, annotated, and up-to-date surveys of the literature—print, electronic, and audio-visual—for each of the titles it publishes. We believe passionately that, despite the wealth of electronic resources currently available to the library user, there is still a sizable universe of materials, both print and digital, archival and visual, that is missing from these sources. In addition, as the number and size of online databases has grown it has become increasingly difficult to determine what, if any, of the information they include might be relevant for a term paper, a thesis or book.

Our works, based on years of dedicated archival research, help to open a window into these hidden resources as well as to offer a guide to relevant materials from online databases, the Internet and beyond. Forthcoming titles, most to be issued in series, include volumes on music and dance, theatre, film and religion of sub-Saharan Africa and its global diaspora. The defining characteristics of each work will be their clear organization, exhaustive research, and careful attention to details of design and production. Amongst their literally thousands of entries users will find both scholarly and popular materials, principally from the humanities and social sciences, in most European languages as well as several from Africa and the Creole-speaking Americas. In addition, all titles will be accompanied by scholarly forewords and introductions, thorough cross-referencing, full, and frequently annotated, citations, appendices, subject and author indexes, and more.

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